Amanda and her mission

Hi my name is Amanda Licano. I am a Cosmetologist, Skin Care Specialist and Beauty Expert. My love for beauty has grown so much over these past years. I am so grateful that I decided to take on a career in the Beauty Industry. I feel that there is so many great opportunities and options out there when it comes to this field. I never would of imagined it taking me to where it has now. With being a licensed Cosmetologist, there are many different things I have studied. I have gotten myself into doing nails, pedicures, massages, facials, hair coloring and cutting and so much more.


I have always loved the fact that I can make another person feel so much better after they have gotten a service with me. It is what has kept me going in this industry and it makes me feel so great. I never would of thought that I could have this type of impact on someone else’s life. To be able to make great connections and listen to someone’s wants and needs and meeting their expectations of what they are wanting and building that trust for them to be wanting to come back to you is the greatest feeling ever.


When I started to have children, I really had to decide if I wanted to continue my career or put it on hold. It was a decision that had me torn. As I ventured out to look for a work from home opportunity, I stumbled across the cosmetic company that I have been with now over the past 3 years. What I loved most about this opportunity is that it was still in the beauty industry and that I could incorporate it with everything I was already doing. I could still give woman a service and still make them feel good about themselves. This time, I could pamper each client in a different way, offering them skin care and makeup services and the option to take home products that they love which would lead to additional income.


What I wasn’t fully aware of was that I could also pass this opportunity on to those who would like to work along-side me and do exactly the same thing I am doing. Those who could be looking for additional income or to replace their full-time income all together. I never would imagined I could do something like this and possibly become a leader in my company. It wasn’t something that I had seen myself doing and most importantly I didn’t believe in myself enough to think I was capable of it either. As my passion for my business has grown, I have come into contact with others who have been inspired to start their own business with this company also and my mission has now been to help lead these women to greatness, to pass down all that I have learned throughout my journey so that they can become successful themselves. I am constantly learning and growing and seeking out ways to help my team so this way they can become leaders in this business also.


It makes it so much more fun and exciting to work with others who are just as ambitious as you are, who have big dreams and goals set out for their life and who just want to create a life of abundance and freedom. To know that I can make this kind of an impact in someone else’s life and to be able to help guide and lead someone else to their victory, just makes it so worth while for me. I get really emotional and torn up about it because I never would of imagined that I could be able to do such a thing. It has been an incredible journey and my only hope is to inspire more people, to change more lives and to pass down my knowledge which is why I decided to create this whole website and blog. I hope you all enjoy the content I have to share.