Welcome to my website and my first blog post!

I have decided to create this website with the intention of starting a blog. I have to admit I really didn’t know what I was getting myself into. I just only knew and was learning that a blog is very beneficial to have when you have a business. There has been a lot of things that I have been learning through out my career and I continue to learn and grow. I have invested a lot into my business for the past 10 years since I’ve been in business. I would say I have invested more now more than ever because I’m constantly looking for advancement and any way I can get my hands on any education so I’m able to learn and grow more.


I always knew I had a love for beauty which is why I decided to start Cosmetology school right after High School in October of 2007. I had only figured, this would get me going and get my foot in the door for something right away until I took more time to really figure out what I was wanting to do. My parents took a lot of time with setting me up with a career adviser to help me with my decision. It was either that, or I feel as if they expected more for my life than just Cosmetology school. I guess I can understand their thoughts as a parent. You just want the best for your child, for them to really reach their true potential.


I didn’t graduate as quickly as I wanted to due to some health complications that came up. I still continued to pursue my career despite my health complications but soon after I had my first daughter was when I was diagnosed with multiple auto-immune diseases. I had to quickly decide what I was going to do with my future because I knew I wasn’t going to be able to hold on to a regular job with my health issues. Luckily, I worked hard in the beginning of my career to be able to build clientele so that way I am able to have a flexible schedule now. I just don’t know how much longer I am going to be able to work as much as I have before and now with having a daughter with Special Needs, there is a lot of time that I have to devote to my family all while making my health a priority.


Learning that blogging has many benefits and the fact that I actually have a passion and love for writing, I decided to go after this as well. I always feel like I have so much I want to share with the world and I love to share about things that I am learning and experiences that I am going through because you never know who it may help. I truly don’t know what kind of impact I can make on someone else and through out my career, there has been many people who have reached out to me and have thanked me for many of things that I have put out there, such as my posts on social media where I just simply was posting about my very own life experiences. Being vulnerable and putting things out there is not always easy but I only share because I know there are many others who are going through the same thing and just knowing you are not alone and shining a light onto someone else is truly the only reason why I share so much.


I truly enjoy helping people so whether it would be to inspire and lift someone else up or to share my resources and things I have learned through out my life to be able to teach others so that they are able to advance in life is very meaningful to me. I’m not sure where this is going to take me but my only hope is to gain support and to help others. I will be blogging about multiple topics and I hope you will get something out of each post. I truly appreciate anyone who decides to take the time to read them and most importantly thank you for reading through this post. I’m truly appreciative of any support.


I’ve had a lot of help with creating this blog and I went through an amazing training course to help me set up my whole entire website and blog. If you would like to get one like mine, you can do so by clicking on this link:




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