“Momtreprenuer” is such a common world in this decade. Have you ever looked around and realized at how much has changed in this world. Back in the day, it was very common for most woman to be a stay at home mom. Men usually took the role of being the bread winner and working long hours to be able to provide for their family while the woman and mothers stayed home as the homemaker. Now, its almost impossible to live off one income alone. Yes, there still are very many woman who choose to be a stay at home mother but I feel as though society has made it to where woman now have a voice and they can choose to also fulfill a career. Many woman are becoming more ambitious and independent and want to be able to have some credibility in this world instead of just being stuck at home all day with the kids, cooking, cleaning and managing the home.

There isn’t at all anything wrong with being a stay at home mom. I know it was a hard decision for me once I became a mother. I loved my career and what I was doing, being a Hairstylist and building up a clientele. I was only starting out in my career and was only 3 years in when I had my first daughter. I didn’t want to leave behind me the career that I was striving to build but I also wanted to be home and be able to raise my own daughter. I didn’t want her to be in the care of anyone else or to be brought up by a Day care. I wanted to be there for every moment in her life, through all her milestones and I didn’t want to miss a second of it.
With being a mom, we sacrifice so much and we put our children’s needs before our own. If you are living off of one income alone, you have to be able to budget and make sure that the income coming in, is being spent on things you actually need and on the items you may be needing for your children and all of the important bills. It’s definitely not easy when you would like to splurge on buying yourself a new pair of shoes or a new blouse but having to hold off on it until the next pay day because some kind of expense always seems to come up.

Once your children get older, you don’t tend realize until later on down the road that it would be great to have them be in some type of extracurricular activity such as sports, dance, or just any activity to keep them busy. This also keeps you busy, but it also pulls at the wallet. Children can be very expensive, and I often think this is something we don’t realize in the beginning. Having to think about where you would like them to attend school or what kind of interests they may have once they get older. Private or charter schools are so great but they also come with a price tag and so does all the activities you would like your children to be a part of.

As parents, we sacrifice so this way we can give the best to our kids. I would never want to regret not being able to give my children the best future they could have. All I would want is for them to attend a great school to where they can implement all their best skills and so they are able to have great success in their future. I would never want to tell my children that they couldn’t join a sport or activity just because we couldn’t afford it. You also want to be able to give them a great future and by investing in them by allowing them to be the best versions of themselves and truly find what their calling would be for their future.

Another thing that I think about Is being able to create priceless memories with my children and yes there are many ways that you can do that without having to splurge on expensive vacation trips or spending a whole lot of money taking them places but at the same time, I don’t ever want my children to not have these memories and not being able to go on vacations because we didn’t have the money to. I know growing up, my parents had to sacrifice, and they may have struggled financially but I never seen it that way in my eyes as a child. They always made it work and they always tried to make my childhood the best that they could and created many memories with me and I may have not of realized how much they struggled or sacrificed. They always did what they had to and as a parent, that is just what we do.

The greatest thing about being an entrepreneur is having the time freedom. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get up any hour of the day that we want (unless we have to get the kids up for school of course), not having to worry about the commute to work and putting in those 8-12-hour days? I definitely don’t miss that. The one thing for me with working a regular J-O-B was the fact of having to be there 8 or 10 hours at a time. With having kids and thinking about day care and the costs of all of that and also having to worry about having someone being able to pick them up or drop them off or just being there before or after school for them is just way too stressful. When you think about day care, most of the time it’s so expensive to the point where you’re pretty much only working to send them to day care. What is the point of that?

There are so many great opportunities out there now in this world. Many mothers are able to work from home and are finding great opportunities to where they are able to thrive financially while also being able to stay home and raise their children. I’m very fortunate to say that with taking the big risk to become an entrepreneur, it has allowed me to be there for everything with my kids. I can be there to get them up and off to school, to pick them up, to do homework with them, give them a bath and tuck them into bed at night. I’m there for everything, but with running my own business it allows me to work in between all of that. Yes there are times where I do need some help especially if there is appointments that I have or important meetings that I have to attend. There comes a point especially when building your business to a new level that you may have to invest a little more time in your business so there is going to some sacrifices that you are going to need to make but that all comes with being able to manage your time properly and asking for help with things so you can delegate and prioritize.

I have so much passion for inspiring others and being able to show others that they are capable of having more for their life. Most woman put their career on hold and sacrifice themselves for their family, but it doesn’t have to be this way. I love being able to help and guide others to finding their true potential and being able to lift them up. It literally sparks a fire inside to be able to see others thriving and succeeding. I love being able to network and with all of the connections I have made through out my career, I must say I really enjoy connecting people and helping others find success also. If you ever want to connect with me to talk about any opportunities I can help you find or if you have any interest in working with me, please feel free to connect with me.


Wishing you well, beauties! 


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