The Business Woman

Amanda has always had a drive and an incredible work ethic. She started working as soon as she was 16 years old. She immediately began Cosmetology School at Maricopa Beauty College in 2007, shortly after she graduated High School. She knew she wanted more for her life and incredible future but she wasn’t too sure exactly what she wanted to do. Her decision to join Beauty School was to simply and quickly have some credibility under her belt and to be able to save up to attend a College to further her career. Her love for Beauty and discovering all of her capabilities had kept her engaged.


With many limitations due to health issues and many years down the road with having children she remained because of the growth and hard work she had put in the very early years of her career. She has built up a great clientele as she worked for Smart Style, Ulta and JCPenny Salon. She now partially owns a Salon Suite located in Glendale. She enjoys the flexibility she was able to have with this career as she still pushes through to continue her education and to gain advancement. Her dream has always open up her own salon one day or to start her own Beauty business. She knows what is meant to be will come into reality with hard work and dedication.              


Amanda has always sought out to look for great opportunities, with connecting with other like-minded individuals, networking and searching for advancement. With many great opportunities that she has came across, she is now able to teach others to have successful careers or to also work along side her with many collaborations. If you are interested in any training or working with Amanda, please inquire through this form.


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